Richard & Patrice Amoaye

Richard Amoaye

APOSTLE RICHARD OWUSU AMOAYE is on a quest to help people at all levels of society, particularly the disadvantaged discover their God given potentials in propelling them become true champions. He believes trapped within every person is the seed of greatness. His passion is to help people discover and nurture that seed, which in tend will cause them to live a meaningful and impactful life.

Being blessed with a stable home and supportive parents were not enough for Apostle Amoaye to avoid the pitfalls of his teenage years. His privileged background was taken for granted, until he came to the saving grace of Christ, and was mentored by Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng. This life-defining encounter gave him an opportunity to serve in the house of God. It was during this moment of serving and tutelage that he began to understand his purpose in life. He became sensitive to the cries of the down trodden. These events instilled in him a strong passion for giving others the very opportunities he was given him. In a relatively short period of mentorship, he received a call into ministry and had the privilege of becoming an associate minister, at Power Chapel Worldwide under the able leadership of his spiritual father, Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng.

In the late 1990’s, he founded the Rescue Missions Foundation, a Christian NGO which sought to transform the lives of the underprivileged in various communities throughout Ghana by sharing God’s word and supporting people with daily necessities. He also serve as an itinerant minister for over a decade in the same period, travelling around Africa, Europe, North America, and Australasia holding prophetic crusades, leadership seminars and church revivals. In 2010 he received the mandate to pioneer God’s Power Ministries Church (GPM, a multidimensional organization headquartered in Sydney- Australia, dedicated to Raising Champions through God’s Power for Kingdom Advancement.

Apostle Amoaye, is a prophet by calling, a leadership mentor, a highly sought-after conference speaker around the globe, and an author. His books include Decoding the Mystery of Excellence, The Excellence of Wisdom, and Power for Exploits. In addition to raising champions, he serves on a number of boards, including; Chairing the Board of Directors of Power Care link, an organization dedicated to helping to alleviate poverty and facilitating the integration of migrant families in Australia.

Apostle Amoaye and his beautiful wife Reverend Patrice Amoaye reside in Sydney and are the senior Pastors of God’s Power Ministries.